For the first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all. Not ever.

Favorite moment

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and your modeling pics aint all that…


and your modeling pics aint all that…

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When your non tumblr friends are glancing at your tumblr and they don’t get reblogging so they think you have 20,000 notes on everything you post


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Guys, I just found a document titled “Time Lord Sex” on my computer, and on the inside I had written this - and only this:


Before she could respond he had thrusted upward. Her lips parted and she let her eyes shut. He allowed himself to fill her before going painfully still, “Did you know that a Time Lord sex organ can be as compensating as we need it to be?”

“Actua-” River’s mouth formed a surprised O as he grew inside of her. There was suddenly an incredible thickness and length that matched her perfectly. It threatened to be too much, but whenever she felt any discomfort it was changing again. 


River sank down onto her doctor’s chest and nipped at his left nipple affectionately, “Maybe the first time it ever happened. Not so much now.” 

“River, River. This body is young yet.” 



When did I write this? is im a pervert?

Lowkey, I still love River/11.
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And then there was the album art work too….

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Back in 2008, My Best Friend Krystal and I had photoshoots and used the pictures to pretend we had a cover story in Rolling Stone or something. Gems like this are priceless. And oh so good.

(We look like babies. And my hair is bad)

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RTD era:


Moffat Era:

TASHA: (to Clara) I have confidential matters to discuss with the Doctor. Would you excuse us? 
DOCTOR: Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of Clara. Well, quite a lot of it. Probably about half. Maybe a smidge under. Actually, Clara, would you mind waiting out here, please? 

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